Here are some policies and guidelines to follow when making edits and contributions to the Sexmens wiki. These guidelines must be followed throughout the wiki, without exceptions.

Official Language

This is an English language wiki and thus all contributions and content added are to be carried out in English, with exception of the Japanese content (i.e. kanji/romaji names, merchandise details, etc.). Any contributions that do not follow this rule will be removed.


When addressing a character we use the official English names translated by Crunchyroll. Please refrain from using other variations of a character's name in an article. The Japanese romanization in the infobox being the ONLY exception, but is to be used only under the Rōmaji section of the infobox and not in actual dialogue in the article. Again, names are for the official translations, not your preferred way of spelling. If an article is created for a character that has yet to appear in the official English translation, then once their name has been officially translated it will be renamed if change is needed.

For characters with a full name, we list it here in western style: Given Name, Family Name


When making references to a chapter from any source of media, do so by using a reference tag. Do not include the reference in a sentence. Below is the code to attach following behind a sentence that you are referencing from a certain source:

<ref name="Source Name">Source Material, Source Name</ref>

Ex: <ref name="Chapter 1">Sexmens Manga, Chapter 1</ref>

Failure to follow this guideline could result in your contribution being removed or edited.

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